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Essentials Collection - Ultra-Pure Silicone Spat & Spoon 2-Piece Set

Essentials Collection - Ultra-Pure Silicone Spat & Spoon 2-Piece Set

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Close to being bullet-proof, the Professional Collection Spat & Spoon set is the workhorse team of the kitchen.

Our Spat & Spoon Set adds durability, functionality and beauty to your kitchen. Our ultra-pure silicone heads with a durable resin handles makes this is a must-have for any kitchen. The Professional Collection can easily hold up to frequent use, complex recipes, dishwashers, and small children. The silicone heads are made from the purest medical grade silicone, and can withstand heat up to 800°F. They will not crack, tear, melt or distort. The handles are 30% fiberglass-filled PBT resin, making them incredibly durable.


The Professional Collection
100% dishwasher-safe

100% Pure Medical Grade High Consistency Silicone Rubber
Zero Fillers – BPA free, Latex free, Petroleum free
Heat safe to 800˚F
Will not crack, tear, melt, distort, or stain
Will not off-gas or absorb odors

30% Fiberglass-filled PBT Resin
Safe up to 400°F
Durable, impact resistant, and FDA compliant. 

Length: 11"

Do not use on sharp surfaces as this may damage silicone
Do not leave utensils in pan when burner is on.

100% Made in the USA


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