Our Packaging

Heirloom Living Packaging

We are sure you're going to love our products for all the years you'll have them. And we want your receiving them just as exciting. That's why all of our products ship in a custom mailer with your utensils neatly wrapped, and tucked in excelsior (eco-friendly packaging).

We hope you love unwrapping your new utensils as much as you enjoy using them!

Our Silicone

All silicone is NOT created equal. To reduce costs, some manufacturers add fillers to their silicone products, some use inefficient curing processes which can leave contaminants, and some products aren't really silicone at all.

Nearly all silicone cooking products are made overseas, where standards are not as stringent as they are in the United States. What's more, even FDA approved food-grade silicone is permitted to have additives considered safe for human consumption. This allows for fillers to be used to lower the costs of production. This also reduces the quality. If you want to know what the FDA allows in food-grade silicone, check out their regulations here. While considered safe, we prefer to avoid these chemicals altogether. 

Fortunately, there is an easy way to tell if your silicone has fillers: twist or fold a flat surface on the silicone. If white shows through or the silicone lightens in color (as shown in the images above), the product likely contains fillers. Pure silicone does not change color when twisted or pulled (as shown in the images below). Additionally, pure silicone won't have an odor.

At Heirloom Living, Inc, we believe that the best quality silicone should be the only kind that comes in contact with your food. That is why our silicone is made in the USA using superior grade materials. Our manufacturing systems are as rigorous as are our demands for purity and quality.

Our silicone is 100% medical-grade silicone, typically reserved for medical devices. It has no fillers, no contaminants, and no questionable chemicals. It is safe up to 800° F and will not crack, peel, stain, or melt. And because it is manufactured in the USA, the manufacturing standards are enforced, and our quality is assured.